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PredictSpring has  been awarded the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner of the Year award for "Best Future of the Store 2022.” Selected by Salesforce out of a competitive field of innovative and market-disrupting technology companies, PredictSpring’s Modern POS is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Order Management platform. The combined solution is deployed in hundreds of stores and thousands of POS terminals globally across several large retail brands.

PredictSpring: Salesforce Integrated Point of Sale

PredictSpring has built a robust and secure integration between the Modern POS and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud and Order Management System. Faster integration using Mulesoft provides flexibility, with customers able to deploy several products independently or as a combined offering. Key Salesforce POS products and features include:

Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
User Account Management
Real-Time User Cart Synchronization
Customer Data Insights

Salesforce Order Management
Inventory Management
Endless Aisle & Mixed Cart

PredictSpring natively supports find-in-store and ship-to-store capabilities. This delivers a true, omni channel shopping experience for consumers and empowers store associates to deliver value adding service.

PredictSpring is a Premier Link Partner & Certified SCC Cartridge.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK Certified Partner | PredictSpring

Modern POS & Salesforce - There’s Something New in Store

PredictSpring Modern POS software readily integrates with Salesforceand empowers your stores to:

Reduce Queues with mPOS
Accept Various Payment Methods, Securely & Reliably
Automate Order Fulfillment, Payment Capture & Invoices with Salesforce LOM
Sell Directly from Online & In-Store Inventories
Build Black Books & Enrich Customer Profiles
Seamlessly Handle Returns & Refunds
Manage Click & Collect Order Queues
Measure Sales & Store Associate Performance in Real-Time
Continue Trading During Outages with Offline Mode

Integration with trusted payment partners allows customers to quickly and conveniently transact. Our payment partners include Verifone, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square, Adyen, Vantiv (Worldpay), and CyberSource (Visa), to name a few.

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PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers
PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Integration is Quick & Easy

With the Modern POS and Salesforce, you have the power to elevate the retail experience through a single platform. Salesforce and Mulesoft integration makes it easy to connect all of your pre-existing systems, applications and devices. Synchronize customer data, connect experiences from across touchpoints and consolidate information to give associates access to a single customer view whenever and wherever they need it.

A Seamless Experience Across Touchpoints

Advances in retail clienteling technology are helping store associates deliver enhanced personalization by providing a 360-degree view of customers at their fingertips. PredictSpring integration with Salesforce Service Cloud allows associates to pull customer data from across physical and digital touchpoints, giving them the power to provide a completely tailored experience for every customer who enters the store.

Salesforce Order Management

Intelligent order management across every channel. With the PredictSpring Modern POS and Salesforce order management, retailers can gain full visibility over every order, whether purchased online or in-store.

With real-time order tracking, retailers can orchestrate faster delivery options as well as streamlining cancellations, returns and refunds - all while keeping the customer updated at every step. Optimize your order management by organizing fulfilment options, shipping, payments and invoicing through a single platform.

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POS - point of sale software with Offline Mode for Brands and Retailers by PredictSpring

Endless Aisle

Out-of-stock inventory has undoubtedly resulted in millions of dollars in missed retail sales. Endless Aisle allows store associates to easily tap into inventory that is not available in-store meaning they can conveniently assist customers who are in the shopping mindset.

Mixed Cart

Don't limit customer inventory selection to what is only available in-store. With the added benefit of mixed cart, associates can swiftly place orders for customers that include online inventory and store-level inventory, in one simple transaction. The items can then be shipped to the store or the customer’s preferred address.


Knowledge is power, and when combined with Commerce Cloud associates can turn recommendations into conversions. Associates can assist new and registered customers one-to-one, input and store preferences, and leverage past purchase history to deliver a memorable and personalized shopping experience - from anywhere in the store.

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Buy Online Pickup & Return In-Store (BOPIS)

Brands and retailers contemplating implementing BOPIS and other order fulfillment modules should look no further than these success metrics:

Faster Order Fulfillment with Salesforce Order Management
Increased Marketing Opportunities
Increased Foot Traffic to Stores (Most Valuable Retail Channel)
Higher Store-Level Inventory Turnover
Reduced Logistical Overheads & Shipping Costs
Increased AOV or Basket Size
Increased Net Promoter Score & CSAT/OSAT (Better Experience for Customers)
Improved Associate Satisfaction (A More Efficient & Seamless Experience for Associates)

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PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers
WWD - Quote ByMatshiro Kashiwagi, Chief Digital Officer, TSI Holdings - Not only is PredictSpring platform fast and robust, but it caters to the specific needs of the Japanese market.

Modern POS - Tailor made for your vertical

Apparel & Footwear

When it comes to apparel and accessories, customers are no longer content with a standard shopping experience. But, with new technology, brands can completely transform their entire retail experience.

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Health & Beauty

The evolution of mobile technology means modern beauty brands can now harness the power of innovation and adopt retail solutions that meet and surpass consumer expectations.

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Home Furnishings

Brick and mortar is here to stay. Although consumers are using multiple channels to carry out product research, the physical store remains the first choice for finalizing home furnishing purchases.

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The PredictSpring modern POS offers Telcos retailers an opportunity to set a new standard in the fast moving, digital-first world.

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While wineries used to be built entirely around in-store tastings, it’s time for brands to step up the entire customer experience, both instore and online, with a forward-thinking retail solution.

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