Janie and Jack

As a design house for kids, Children’s retailer Janie and Jack believe individual style starts early. Known for thoughtful details, celebrated moments and memorable gifts, each season they tell stories - some familiar and some new. Inspired by the places they go, the people they admire, and all the unexpected stuff in between, Janie and Jack’s collections feature charming twists on classic fashion.

A premium retail brand with an omni channel offering, Janie and Jack needed a way to provide their customers with fast and frictionless experiences , without compromising on personalization. Moving over from a legacy system to a Modern POS was a core part of the digital transformation initiatives.

Why PredictSpring

Janie and Jack leverage a nationwide network of physical stores to provide kids' clothing from newborn to size 8, while their online store offer clothes up to size 18. An omni channel retail strategy like this needs an omni channel solution, and here is where PredictSpring’s Modern POS shines.

Janie and Jack chose to integrate the Modern POS into its stores across the US in order to unite the online and in-store shopping experience, seamlessly managing both through one point-of-sale system. PredictSpring Modern POS empowers store associates to manage inventory, consult with customers, and complete transactions swiftly - all without impacting the high level of personalization that customers want.

“Janie and Jack is a design house with every kid at its heart, and we are thrilled to continue meeting the needs of our customers through the integration of PredictSpring's Modern POS system. The transition from our legacy POS system to PredictSpring’s Modern POS has revolutionized our ability to provide highly personalized, fast, and seamless omnichannel journeys to our valued customers.”
Mo Beig, Executive Vice President and CFO at Janie and Jack

Seamless Integration For Faster Results

In a matter of 18 short weeks, Janie and Jack deployed PredictSpring Modern POS and went live in 106 stores, offering customers the following enhancements:

  • Omni channel capabilities unifying in-store and online shopping into one seamless journey
  • Microservices-based API architecture to integrate with Janie and Jack’s CRM and other backend systems
  • Clienteling features providing associates with complete customer information including Customer 360, helping associates deliver one-to-one customer experiences
  • Real-time order and inventory management and improvements to real-time reports
  • Remote payment options for ship-from-store orders
“This move from a legacy application to a cloud-based omni channel-focused solution is an important step in our overall digital transformation within our premium children’s brand and part of the Go Global Retail growth playbook.”
Jeff Streader, Managing Partner of Go Global Retail which owns Janie and Jack
“We are thrilled to be able to bring our Modern POS solution to Janie and Jack stores to help store associates meet the rapidly evolving demands of the modern consumer. It has been rewarding being able to support Janie and Jack’s complex integration needs in such record time as a testament to our powerful APIs and true omni channel capabilities.”
PredictSpring Founder and CEO Nitin Mangtani
Rolled out across US
English Languages
  • Omni channel Order ManagemenT
  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Clienteling and Customer 360
  • Real-time data reporting
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