When strategizing how to evolve our Showroom POS experience for accelerated growth, PredictSpring’s POS was the obvious choice. We are excited to integrate their solutions into our brand as we embark on our next stage of growth.

Deciem is a collection of beauty brands that focus on quality. We were looking for a Modern POS platform that has deep experience in the beauty industry to elevate our customer experience and take our omni channel business to the next level. It was important to us that we be up and running in time for this year’s holiday season and PredictSpring delivered.

By bringing PredictSpring’s Modern POS to all Movado stores in US & Canada, we are excited to create a personal and customer-focused shopping experiences with fully integrated Omnichannel capabilities.

PredictSpring was able to develop and bring to market a powerful POS solution in a matter of months, and we’re excited that it has been successfully integrated into all of our locations in Canada.

Steve Madden has selected the PredictSpring Modern POS to create a seamless shopping experience for consumers no matter where or when they engage with the brand.

Janie and Jack is a design house with every kid at its heart, and we are thrilled to continue meeting the needs of our customers through the integration of PredictSpring's Modern POS system

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