Leader in Home Furnishing

In its pursuit of creating homes filled with emotion and comfort, Bouclair has consistently embraced the core brand belief that "home starts with a feeling." This fundamental principle has guided the company's approach to home decor and furnishings.

For many years, Bouclair relied on a legacy Point of Sale (POS) system to manage its operations and customer interactions. As the company grew and evolved, its POS solution gradually started to reveal limitations that hindered Bouclair's ability to fully deliver on their brand promise.

Why PredictSpring

Technology now complements the physical retail environment rather than competing with it. With the implementation of PredictSpring's Modern POS, Bouclair's stores have undergone a transformative change with cashless and counterless checkout - speeding up the path to purchase - and by establishing a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers to enable personalized interactions based on preferences and history.

Most importantly, the Modern POS bridges the online and in-store experiences, fostering brand loyalty and continuity throughout the entire shopping journey. This partnership has positioned Bouclair as a forward-thinking retailer, dedicated to delivering efficiency, personalization, and customer satisfaction.

“For over 50 years, Bouclair has been committed to offering our customers not only stylish and affordable home furnishings, but also a personalized and enjoyable shopping experience. As part of that, we knew it was important to innovate and modernize our POS platform in order to connect the instore and online experiences for both our store associates and customers. PredictSpring was able to develop and bring to market a powerful POS solution in a matter of months, and we’re excited that it has been successfully integrated into all of our locations in Canada.”
Peter Goldberg, President & CEO of Bouclair

Nuanced Understanding of Home Furnishing

The home furnishing industry stands out as a truly unique sector, distinguished by substantial customer investments and a highly thoughtful, extended buying process. This presents challenges stemming from a wide array of product variations, elaborate order management and fulfillment options, and the need for a robust inventory management system. Here, the PredictSpring Modern POS emerges as the ideal solution, purpose-built to perfectly align with the unique needs of brands at any given moment.

Gone are the frustrations for sales associates who once had to navigate multiple applications to find the necessary information - instead all critical information is just a few swipes away. With PredictSpring, the sales process becomes seamless and efficient, enabling a more personalized and engaging shopping experience for every customer.

“As shoppers of home furnishings really value the in-store experience, it was important to develop a modern POS solution that provided benefits to Bouclair customers in store but kept them engaged with the brand when shopping online. As a global company, we were also able to provide a solution that supports both English and French in order to meet Canadian regulatory requirements. We’re excited to be able to play a role in the growth and evolution of such a respected brand.”
Nitin Mangtani, Founder and CEO of PredictSpring

Brand Loyalty and Personalized Interactions

​​Customers invest not just financially but also emotionally in their home furnishing decisions. The PredictSpring Modern POS, armed with clienteling capabilities, serves as a powerful tool in enhancing the overall customer experience and solidifying Bouclair's position as a customer-centric retailer in the competitive home furnishing industry. By recording and referencing customer preferences, interactions, and special occasions, sales associates can offer personalized recommendations and thoughtful follow-ups, creating an atmosphere where customers feel valued and appreciated. This personalized approach cultivates brand loyalty and encourages repeat business, fostering lasting connections between Bouclair and its customers.

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