Omni Channel Retailing Platform

Transform Your Stores With Unified Commerce Apps

An omni channel approach is crucial for providing customers with a seamless shopping experience. This fully integrated approach gives consumers a unified shopping experience, from browsing in-store through to ecommerce marketplaces and any other channel in between such as social media and marketing.

Creating a physical and digital presence that provides an enhanced customer experience is paramount to remaining relevant and retaining a competitive edge. Upgrading to an omni channel approach will allow your stores and store associates to truly engage with your customers. This enhanced brand experience turns new customers into loyal customers.

Omni Channel Retail Technology

Transform your stores with PredictSpring by seamlessly unifying the customer experience with a fitting room app, cashierless POS, and associate app to drive consistently higher retail sales. By using modern technology to reach customers via actionable touch points such as beacons, and geofence notifications, customers can purchase from wherever they are across multiple channels, bridging the gap between offline and online. 

Create An Innovative Omni Retail Strategy

The PredictSpring omni channel platform enables mobility, innovation, and speed and alignment of marketing, sales and customer service departments to ensure a homogenous retail strategy. With PredictSpring’s omni channel retail platform it’s possible to gain a complete, 360 view of your customers, delivering increased efficiency and sales.

A store associate and a client shopping in a denim store | PredictSpring
Native Retail Fitting Room App | PredictSpring

Fitting Room App

Request Sizes & Items
Eliminates Waiting Time
Request Associate Assistance in One Click
Share Fitting Room Collection

Native Store Associate App | PredictSpring

Store Associate App

Modern POS
Endless Aisle
Targeted Marketing

Native Consumer Shopping App | PredictSpring

Consumer App

Barcode Scanner
Geofence Notifications
Loyalty Cards
Store Check-In



Redefine the 
In-Store Experience

Empower Retail Associates to Enhance the Customer Journey


Create a more personal retail experience and be in-the-know when you greet your customers. Get instant access to customer profiles and easily look-up purchase history.


Create a seamless checkout process from start to finish with mobile POS. Easily look-up preferred customer payment and shipment methods.

Endless Aisle

Empower store associates to browse and search complete product catalog - both online and in-store. Easily order on behalf of customers and view their online cart.

Self-Service Kiosk

Kiosk enables the in-store shopper to look-up item availability either with a barcode, product name or product ID. Consumers can also browse branded content, sign-up for loyalty programs, and seamlessly self-checkout.
Browse Online Catalog
Allow in-store customers to browse and search your online product catalog.
In-Store Real-Time Inventory
Customers can easily look-up item availability in real-time using item ID, barcode, or product name.

Launch Your Omni Channel Retail App with PredictSpring

Produce an app individual to your brand, that suits your business needs and enhances the customer experience. Enable modules such as Clienteling, mPOS, Endless Aisle, Loyalty, Fitting Room, Instagram Shop-the-Look, and Targeted Communications within your in-store app to increase the value added by store associates. All modules are bundled into one app so they need only carry one, light mobile device.


Direct-to-Consumer Shopping Apps

Deliver a true omni channel experience for customers by enabling DTC modules in a consumer shopping app. Features such as barcode scan, store check-in, store pick-up (BOPIS), in-app messaging and scannable loyalty cards enhance the customer experience when shopping in-store.

2 stylish friends looking at a consumer shopping app | PredictSpring

Maximize Store Performance to Drive Sales Via the Fitting Room

Attend to every customer request and reduce the risk of lost sales via a smart fitting room app. Customers are able to request additional items and sizes without leaving the fitting room. Once the shopper has made their selection, they can effortlessly checkout with the store associate via mPOS.


Utilise the Dynamic Consumer and Associate Experience with the CMS In Real-Time

The PredictSpring CMS delivers a seamless app experience using a simple but fast platform. The mobile CMS is multifunctional, allowing for editing of the app user interface, enabling omni channel features such as loyalty rewards, publishing new content, launching a custom quiz, scheduling push notifications, monitoring app performance, and much more.

Predictspring Fitting Room App To Call Associates | PredictSpring

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