Unite Your Online and In-Store Technology

To stay ahead of consumer expectations, it’s crucial for retailers to provide a seamless shopping experience across channels, but having two distinct technology stacks - one for in-store and one for online - makes this a difficult task.

With the PredictSpring Modern POS, brands can unite their parallel technology stacks, integrating in-store and online technology to create a full omni channel retail experience. Complete with a fully mobile, cashier-less point of sale, PredictSpring technology is designed to drive consistently higher sales.

True Omni Channel Retail With a Single, Unified Platform

Ensure your retail experience is consistent across touchpoints, no matter the channel. The Modern POS provides retailers with a single, unified platform that bridges the gap between online and in-store with ease. By aligning marketing, sales and customer service departments, the platform enables brands to design their own omni channel retail strategy.

A store associate and a client shopping in a denim store | PredictSpring
Native Store Associate App | PredictSpring

Full POS

Modern POS
Mixed Order Cart
Endless Aisle
Store Fulfillment

Native Retail Fitting Room App | PredictSpring

Mobile POS + Clienteling

One Light Device
Eliminate Long Lines
One Click Checkout

Browse Online Catalog
Allow in-store customers to browse and search your online product catalog.
In-Store Real-Time Inventory
Customers can easily look-up item availability in real-time using item ID, barcode, or product name.
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Upgrade Store Fulfillment Opportunities

Integrate with BOPIS and ship-from-store modules and upgrade your omni channel fulfillment opportunities. Let customers buy online, pick up in store and offer the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of instore collection. Alternatively,  ship-from-store to speed up online order fulfilment and provide customers with an even more convenient experience.

Launch Your Omni Channel Platform with PredictSpring

Enable a range of modules including Clienteling, mPOS, Endless Aisle, Loyalty Programs, and Offline Mode with the PredictSpringModern POS to increase the value added by store associates. All modules are bundled into a single platform and can be managed via a single, light device.


A User-Friendly Interface for the Most Dynamic Experience

A seamless experience is delivered using a simple, fast and reliable platform. With the PredictSpring Multifunctional CMS, the interface can easily be tweaked according to specific requirements. The CMS provides endless potential for a wide range of features and services, from publishing content and personalization quizzes to launching loyalty rewards.

Predictspring Fitting Room App To Call Associates | PredictSpring
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