In 2016, the company embarked on an ambitious journey by opening its first free-standing store in Canada - a step which marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation. As the brand's popularity soared, Deciem's influence spread far beyond its Canadian roots, evolving into an international powerhouse with a global presence.

With each new market, Deciem faced the challenge of harmonizing its retail operations while maintaining the essence of a beauty brand that thrives on personal interactions and exceptional customer experiences. The point of sale system became a critical piece of this puzzle, acting as the backbone of the brand's retail strategy.

Why PredictSpring

Rising to the challenge set by The Abnormal Beauty Brand, the PredictSpring Modern POS became Deciem's trusted partner in powering over 30 stores across three diverse regions of the world. The system's flexibility and adaptability played a pivotal role in supporting Deciem's growth as a brand.

By embracing the PredictSpring Modern POS, Deciem also positioned itself as a trailblazer in the beauty industry's in-store transformation. The system's seamless integration, coupled with its robust features and user-friendly interface, empowered Deciem to focus on what they do best—crafting exceptional beauty products and delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

“Deciem is a collection of beauty brands that focus on quality. We were looking for a Modern POS platform that has deep experience in the beauty industry to elevate our customer experience and take our omnichannel business to the next level. PredictSpring’s innovative Modern POS platform, and deep integration with Salesforce, will ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless, truly omnichannel shopping experience when engaging with any of our beauty brands, any time and from anywhere.”
Jessica Freeman, VP of Finance at Deciem

International Beauty (and Fiscal Compliance)

As Deciem ventured into new markets and cultures, compliance with fiscal regulations and language support became crucial considerations. The PredictSpring Modern POS showcased its strength by seamlessly integrating with local fiscal systems, ensuring each store remained compliant with regional laws and regulations. Moreover, the system's multilingual capabilities allowed Deciem to deliver an immersive in-store experience tailored to the preferences of diverse customer bases.

Beauty Best Discovered In-Person

The sales process in the beauty industry is a delicate dance between emotion-driven marketing, personalized experiences, and influencer-driven recommendations. Consumers have diverse skin types, tones, and preferences and expect the brands to know and understand this enough to make personalized recommendations. Beauty brands and retailers invest heavily in creating an immersive and interactive shopping environment, often offering testers, samples, and demonstrations to allow customers to try products before committing to a purchase.

This hands-on approach not only builds trust but also allows customers to engage with the products, fostering a deeper connection, increasing the likelihood of making a sale and leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the PredictSpring Modern POS, Deciem is poised to better leverage these nuances and thrive in a highly competitive market.

“Deciem’s in-store customer experience design truly reflects the power of our POS platform in terms of both modularity and on brand customizations”.
Nitin Mangtani, Founder and CEO of PredictSpring
Rolled out across Canada, US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea
English, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Cantonese & Korean LAnguages
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