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Is Your Winery POS Ready for the Future?

A new generation of consumers have brought with them a higher set of expectations. Whilst wineries used to be built entirely around in-store tastings, brands now need to step up in the entire customer experience, both instore and online, with a forward-thinking solution.

Nowadays, customers are looking for faster and more experience driven interactions, whether they are discovering wines for the first time or purchasing old favourites. With a unified modern POS, wineries are automatically better equipped for the future of retail.

POS - Point of sale software for Wineries
Winery Point of sale software by PredictSpring

The PredictSpring Winery Solution

Fast and frictionless, the PredictSpring winery POS is here to elevate the entire winery experience with best-in-class personalization and omni channel capabilities.

Step into the future of Wine retail with the PredictSpring all-in-one POS features, including:

- A Mobile-first platform
- Integration with third-party systems
- Intuitive interface
- Easy access to full customer profiles
- Integration with wine club & loyalty programs
- Appointment and reservation bookings
- Restaurant order support

Make the Sale Anywhere

Our winery POS solution empowers associates to consult and transact from anywhere and anytime - even offline. Say goodbye to long lines losing you sales, go counterless with mPOS and make checkout even easier. Ring up purchases whether the customer is in a tasting room or on the vineyard and maximize sales in the long-term.

Get to Know Every Customer

Build up and access a rich profile of customer preferences with clienteling. Leverage these profiles alongside notes from past tastings to provide a 1:1 experience every time a customer comes through the door. With access to purchase histories, wish lists, loyalty statuses and more, associates can treat every customer like an old friend.

Give them Something New with Wine Clubs

View, manage and upgrade club member orders to create a one of a kind experience - all through a single platform. Easily customize orders before shipment, ensuring every member gets exactly what they want. Complete sign-ups in no time, send out VIP welcome packages to new members and track growth and sales through an intuitive reporting system. With PredictSpring, your wine club experience is levelled up.

POS - point of sale software for Wineries and Retailers by PredictSpring
POS - point of sale software for Wineries

Turn Wine Tastings into Sales

Keep tabs of customer likes and dislikes from tasting sessions to better inform recommendations. Integrate with mPOS to allow customers to transact there and then and capture customer information to follow-up with personalized suggestions or new products in order to build loyalty and motivate repeat sales.

Easy Transactions with Price Book

Make sure every associate is on the same page with Price Book. Easily access all prices and discount levels to adjust charges for standard customers, members and employees, making ringing up orders and completing transactions even simpler.

Loyalty Bonuses

Build loyalty with tiered points and rewards. Provide points for purchases that can be easily applied to membership rewards or perks with future sales. Associates have access to all loyalty statuses to allow bonuses to be seamlessly applied to purchases both in store and online.

Enhance the Restaurant Experience

Seamlessly adapt the modern POS to a restaurant setting. Put through wine orders alongside food sent to the kitchen in just a few touches. Whether a glass, a bottle or just a tasting, enjoy the food and wine ordering capabilities of the modern POS and ensure every customer receives quality experiences alongside best-in-class service.

Book Tasting Appointments in a Breeze

With seamless integration into third-party systems, the PredictSpring modern POS allows fast and easy reservations for tastings. Build out a customer profile before tastings and send out tailored notes and recommendations after every appointment to drive orders from both instore and online channels.

POS - Winery Point of sale software by PredictSpring

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