Furniture store point of sale software

Natural Language Based Voice Assistant for Modern POS 

Retail in the digital era is a story of constantly rising customer expectations. These days, customers demand seamless omnichannel experiences, so they can shop whenever and wherever they want. They expect personalized in-person shopping experiences, instant gratification, and fast, reliable delivery options. The only way to continue to meet these expectations at scale without breaking the bank is to harness the capabilities of AI—which is where the PredictSpring Modern POS comes in.

As Modern POS systems have evolved into a complete operating system for stores with functionality ranging from checkout, returns, store fulfillment, clienteling, omni-channel and inventory management, so has the need for simplicity and ease of use. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the new voice assistant brings natural language capabilities to the forefront of the retail industry, allowing seamless interaction between store associates and POS systems.

A.I. Voice Assistant

AI can be a key differentiator in the store experience—both for customers and staff members. Retailers can now empower store associates by enabling them to leverage voice commands through a dedicated app on their tablets or mobile devices. In harnessing voice command capabilities, associates gain access to a wide array of functionalities that effectively streamline their interactions with customers, resulting in improved efficiency and service.

With a robust selection of voice commands at their disposal, the PredictSpring Modern POS delivers an individual, concierge-like experience for store associates. With voice commands, associates can effortlessly access customer profiles, send texts, view product availability, add important notes to profiles, and check store analytics.

Furniture store point of sale software
Furniture store point of sale software

"Show me red dresses"

Use voice commands to show a selection of products that fall into a similar category to customers.

"Show me store analytics"

Voice commands can be used by store managers as well to view store analytics and other operational features

"Create a cycle count"

Use the voice command feature to cut down on unnecessary tapping and create cycle counts with just your voice.

"Show me BOPIS orders"

Managing and fulfilling orders is a job that requires two hands. Just ask the PredictSpring Modern POS to show you BOPIS orders that need to be fulfilled and multitask effectively.

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