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In-Store Personalization: Key to Profit in Retail

Personalization continues to be a focus for retailers to significantly improve the shopping experience. In fact, 49% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company. The PredictSpring Modern POS allows retailers to create more personalized and meaningful interactions with the Personalization Quiz - a fully customizable module native to the PredictSpring CMS.

Personalize Mobile Shopping App Based on Customer Attributes with PredictSpring

Unlock The Power of Personalization

PredictSpring Personalization Quiz allows retailers and brands to deploy a fully customized quiz within minutes and create a complete 1:1 shopping experience. Brands also benefit from quantitative product insights, which can be pushed to a CRM, so that marketing and analytics teams can better understand customer preferences.

PredictSpring Personalization Quiz can be leveraged in multiple fashions to drive customer engagement, increase sales and average order value, including:

Data Collection Survey
Customer Vote or Poll
Stylist Quiz (Integrate with Personal Chat)
Appointment Summary
Product Feedback
Gift Guide

Benefits of Personalization Quiz for Store Associates:

Provide a More Targeted Experience with Curated Product Recommendations
Empower Associates to Add Value in Every Customer Interaction
Increase Basket Size with Product Upsell
Drive Traffic In-Store and Increase Visit Frequency

Benefits of Personalization Quiz for HQ:

Improve Product Development with Valuable Data Insights
Inform Buying and Merchandising Teams of Current Trends
Increase Profitability with Reduced Expenditure on Less Popular Inventory

In-store personalization is more than a trend; it's the future of retail. PredictSpring's technology empowers retailers to stay ahead of the curve, offering shoppers a unique, personalized in-store experience that drives loyalty, engagement, and sales.

POS - point of sale software for apparel and footwear with Offline Mode
POS - point of sale software for apparel and footwear with Offline Mode

Customizable Personal Preference Quiz

Brands and retailers can experience the power of seamless in-store personalization with PredictSpring's CMS. Designed for intuitive use, the drag-and-drop functionality empowers retailers to effortlessly craft quizzes that are not just personalized but also perfectly in tune with their unique brand aesthetics. With personalized quizzes, retailers have the freedom to adjust every aspect of the quiz – from the visual elements to the content tone – ensuring a consistent and captivating brand experience for every customer who walks into a store.

Customer Segmentation Made Easy

Create customer segments based on the quiz responses and personalize content based on these preferences. Personalization can be applied to single criteria such as gender, loyalty level or on a combination of criteria such as budget, size, age range, and style preferences.

Quickly Launch a One-Time Quiz

Create and launch a seasoned themed quiz. Curate a holiday or seasonal gift guide to simplify the purchase journey for your customers.

How It Works

  • Store associates securely store quiz responses in customer profiles
  • Consumers can view their quiz results and edit previous answers
  • Data can be exported directly from PredictSpring CMS as CSV, TSV, or XML into an FTP or SFTP storage or ingest directly into your CRM
  • Quizzes can be served differently based on specific attributes and segments, including gender, new customers, logged in, region, purchase history, loyalty tier, etc
Personalize Mobile Shopping App Based on Customer Attributes with PredictSpring

Measure the Impact of In-Store Personalization

PredictSpring offers analytics integrations with Google Analytics, Tealium, Coremetrics, and Omniture so you can quickly measure the revenue impact of your personalization.

Improve Awareness of Customer Preferences, Boost CLTV

Aggregate user preference data can be captured so marketing and CRM teams can easily segment their customer base to launch more targeted campaigns to increase CLTV.

Customer Results

See an increase in Average Order Value (AOV) for Customers Served Personalization Quiz and benefit from more repeat customers and improved long term customer retention.

POS - point of sale software for apparel and footwear with Offline Mode

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