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PredictSpring Endless Aisle iPad App for Brands and Retailers

What is Endless Aisle?

To match the expectations of the modern consumer, stores are required to offer the same convenience, flexibility and choice as an online shopping experience.

Endless aisle is a powerful solution that allows customers to order any product from the inventory in a single in-store interaction - reducing lost sales and helping to provide a next-level retail experience. No matter if it’s online, in-store or even out-of-stock, with endless aisle, the full inventory of products is always available to the customer.

The Power of Endless Aisle

Even in a smaller store, retailers never have to find themselves out of stock. With PredictSpring endless aisle, retailers can curate a small in-store selection while still giving customers access to the full breadth of online inventory.

With endless aisle, see the shopping aisle extend as customers browse a full product library of both physical and virtual goods. Never miss a sale due to unavailability; with endless aisle, customers can order any product to be delivered to home or in store with complete ease.

In addition to browsing real-time product and inventory information on the store associate app, customers can save items to their wishlist and browse social media feeds, before seamlessly checking out with a store associate.

Easily Look-Up
Item Availability

Virtually browse items both in-store and online with the endless aisle app, search using the product name or ID or scan a barcode.

Inspire Customers with
Instagram Shop-the-Look

With PredictSpring’s endless aisle solution, take the customer on an aspirational journey and drive purchases with social proofing using shop-the-look directly from Instagram.

Improve Loyalty & Email

Easily look-up customer loyalty status, or sign-up new customers while they shop in-store. With endless aisle technology, create additional value for customers by informing them of in-store promotions and loyalty perks.

Order In-Store,
Ship to Home

Take full advantage of convenience of ordering in-store and shipping directly to the customer’s home. With endless aisle, customers can even avoid queuing and seamlessly check-out with a store associate. 

PredictSpring Endless Aisle iPad App for Brands and Retailers
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