PredictSpring Retail Store Order Fulfillment App for Store Associates

Upgrade Your Store Fulfillment with PredictSpring

Today’s customers expect a seamless experience across every channel - and when it comes to order fulfillment, such an approach can make a huge difference. With increasing shipping costs, offering fast and effective in-store fulfillment methods can ensure retailers maintain their competitive edge.

With PredictSpring Store Fulfillment, associates have everything they need to complete every request and fulfil every order with ease. Offer seamless fulfillment opportunities with BOPIS, BORIS and Curbside Pickup options and give associates the power to exceed the expectations of the modern customer.

Maximize the Potential of Every Fulfillment Opportunity

Boost retail fulfillment capabilities and enhance the customer experience at the same time with the PredictSpring retail store order fulfillment app.

This fast, powerful and intuitive solution enables staff to address customer requests in real-time, oversee stock inventory and consistently deliver best-in-class service - without ever having to leave the customer’s side.

With the retail store fulfillment app, teams are fully equipped to fulfill any online order in-store, ensuring you never lose a sale.

Faster Fulfillment with Curbside Pickup

Make the most of every opportunity to impress by allowing customers to buy online and pickup from their nearest store.

With BOPIS and BORIS modules, PredictSpring empowers associates to swiftly fulfill online orders from the store floor or from the curbside, providing customers with the speed and convenience they expect. With Buy Online, Return In-Store, retailers can also solve for online customer returns by seamlessly completing returns and exchanges from anywhere in the store, in just a few touches.

Elevate your store fulfilment capabilities by timing and tracking BOPIS orders to ensure every customer receives the right order, in the right location at exactly the right time.

Turn stores into fulfillment centers

Be smarter with your order routing. Retailers no longer have to route exclusively to the warehouse, instead they can fulfill orders from the customer’s nearest location. With PredictSpring, retailers can leverage their stores as fulfillment centers and ship orders directly to customers, cutting costs and speeding up deliveries.

Pick and Pack Online Orders with Ease

With the Modern POS retail store fulfillment capabilities, staff can manage reserved items, in-store orders and BOPIS orders efficiently.

Associates can accept, partially accept or decline orders to maximize retail fulfillment potential.

The device’s in-built camera acts as a retail barcode scanner, helping teams to keep track of accepted orders. Track progress, monitor orders and report on prepared, dispatched and collected items at the touch of a button.

Streamline Inventory Management

Providing full visibility on stock and inventory management and streamline everything from store floor replenishments and stock control to order pickups.

Endless Aisle allows staff to tap into web-based inventories, to quickly place orders on behalf of customers. A true omnichannel retail experience is made possible with the ability to transfer orders and redirect customer requests to nearby stores.

PredictSpring Retail Store Order Fulfillment App for Store Associates
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