The Modern POS
for Telcos

Deliver Best-in-Class Service That Sets a New Standard for Telecommunication Brands

The PredictSpring modern POS offers Telcos retailers an opportunity to set a new standard in the fast moving, digital-first world. In telecommunications, delivering on customer experience is the key to longevity. With a purpose built point of sale, telcos retailers can seamlessly transform their customer experience, bringing together every element of their business offering onto a single platform.

The modern POS enables retailers to integrate all of their data, establish a single view of customers across every channel and easily manage both product and service sales. With this at their disposal, telcos retail brands are empowered to provide completely game-changing experiences for their customers.

Home Furnishing software by PredictSpring
POS - Point of sale software for Furniture Brands and Retailer by PredictSpring

360 View of Customer Profiles

Make it personal for your customers and keep them coming back to you. Integrate data from online and instore customer profiles to establish a 360 view of their preferences, accessible at any time through any device. With this, associates can keep track of their customer’s current plans, pricing and contract terms and pinpoint opportunities to upsell or even cross sell with ease.

Seamless Integration with external CPQ

Enable telcos retailers to benefit from their existing CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) engine, while still leveraging all the features of the PredictSpring Modern POS. Easy integration with third-party CPQ systems allows sales associates to intuitively configure product mixes, plan bundles, make faster pricing decisions and deliver quotes to customers.

Simplify Bundles & Add-ons

Simplify your order management. With the modern POS, all product SKUs, data and calling plans are accessible in real-time, allowing for quick item look-ups. This makes configuring bundles a breeze. Using their integrated CPQ, associates can enter the bundle combinations in order to generate accurate pricing for fast quotes and an expedited checkout. With an easy to understand interface, processing add-ons is also made even easier - giving associates the power to maximize sales.

Furniture store point of sale software
POS - point of sale software for Home Furnishing Brands and Retailers

Multi-Tender Payment Management

Customers may not always want to pay with a single payment type. With the modern POS, split payments and multi-tender payments are made easy to process. Retailers can collect payments from anywhere in the store and from any combination of methods including cash, credit, debit or gift card - making transactions smoother for customers and store associates.

Real-time Inventory Management

Maintain access to all inventory, across all locations - all in real-time. Streamline stock checks and ensure inventory data is always up-to-date in order to maximize sales. Establish total transparency over inventory with cycle counts, inventory receiving features and RFID integration. With PredictSpring inventory management, all adjustments, restocks, returns and store to store transfers can be managed and completed in no time.

Build Your Omnichannel Strategy

Communicate and connect with your customers through every channel and integrate every aspect of your telcos business onto a single all-in-one POS. Use data from online purchases as well as in-store consultations to tailor services and offers around their preferences. Create a consistent experience for all of your customers whether they are in the market for mobile, internet, TV or more.

Streamline the Customer Experience

Offer flexible fulfillment options for all of your products with curbside pickup and BOPIS modules that provide modern customers with the speed and convenience they are looking for. Accepting multiple payment types and flexible financing options, the modern POS makes it simple for customers to buy from any of your business offerings.

POS - Point of sale software for Furniture Brands and Retailer by PredictSpring

The Best-in-Class Ecosystem

The retail ecosystem for the Modern POS brings renown partners together to offer full flexibility to brands and retailers in delivering the best-in-class in-store experience for sales associates and customers. Integration with trusted payment partners allows customers to quickly and conveniently transact. Our payment partners include Verifone, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square, Adyen, Vantiv (Worldpay), and CyberSource (Visa), to name a few.

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