Our Values
Culture is the most important aspect of a team, but culture without excellence is meaningless. Excellence without culture is neither fun nor sustainable.
We value authenticity more than anything else. We like people who are true, genuine and sincere - play no games.
Challenge the Status Quo
There is always a better way to do things and an opportunity to learn and improvise. Embrace your intellectual curiosity - we love testing new ideas and strategies to amplify growth.
Speed is the essence of PredictSpring and we truly embody Speed in everything we do. We believe momentum breeds momentum and it creates a viral energy.
Meritocracy & Feedback
Give credit where it’s due and don’t take what’s not yours. Take feedback positively and provide advice and feedback without agenda.
Find a Middle Ground
Most people believe that life is a zero sum game, we believe everyone can win and there is always a way to find a win-win solution.
Balance of Family & Professional Life
Whilst we value hard work, we also encourage time with your family and a balance between personal and professional life.
Diversity Makes the Difference
We believe in hiring the absolute best and retaining the absolute best, and that diversity is a requisite ingredient in creating a smarter, more innovative team.
Focus on Things That Will Move the Needle & Go All-In
To lift a rocket you need thrust - put your entire energy behind an initiative with a laser focus on what moves the needle and avoidance of the ‘P2’ trap.