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Modernize your Apparel Point-of-Sale with PredictSpring

When it comes to apparel and accessories, modern consumers are no longer content with a standard retail experience. These customers choose to utilize brick and mortar channels for the tactile experiences and human interaction afforded by in-person shopping. When they walk into a store, they should be met with fast, frictionless and completely personalized service. To keep up with these expectations, retailers need to modernize their whole POS system.

An all-in-one modern POS for footwear and apparel stores is the point of sale of the future. With the PredictSpring modern POS, brands can seamlessly unite the online and instore experiences to create a dynamic, forward-thinking and completely personalized approach to clothing retail.

POS - point of sale software for apparel and footwear with Offline Mode

Faster Fulfilment with BOPIS & Curbside Pickup

With BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In-store) modules, retailers can allow customers to fulfil orders from in the store or the curb. Drive foot traffic and create opportunities for instore purchases by allowing customers to buy online and pick up from stores when it suits them. With PredictSpring, you can combine the immediacy of in-store collection with the convenience of online ordering into a single retail experience.

Meet Expectations with Omni channel Fulfilment

Today’s customers want the convenience of online shopping alongside the personalized experiences of physical stores. With a modern POS, brands can view and manage customer data across channels and bring the power of online, in-store. Save the sale with endless aisle technology, allowing customers to browse through the entire collection of online and instore products so you never have to lose a sale due to an out of stock.

Every Interaction is Personalized with Clienteling

Access customer data to create 360 profiles and ensure every interaction is personalized. View purchase histories, wishlists and carts to suggest supplementary accessories, clothing or footwear that match existing outfits. Get to know every customer instantly allowing you to treat each store visit like a 1:1 session.

POS - Apparel and Footwear Point of sale software by PredictSpring
POS for apparel, footwear and accessories by PredictSpring

Learn More with the Personalization Quiz

Associates need to understand more than just their customer’s favorite products. From color choices to size preferences, the personalization quiz provides retailers with unprecedented insight into their customers' likes and dislikes - helping to maximize every interaction. With PredictSpring, best-in-class personalization is made easy.

Go Mobile and Go Counterless

It’s time for retail stores to go mobile. With mPOS, associates have the ability to complete transactions anywhere in the store and at any time of the day, even offline. Consult with customers on the go and ring up their purchases as soon as they’re ready - all without worrying about long lines losing the sale. Integrate with fitting room technology and enable customers to make purchases right from inside the fitting room walls.

Inspire Customers with Lookbooks

Use customer preferences to create tailored lookbooks for any occasion. From footwear to headgear, curate outfit choices from scratch or using previous purchases, and leverage cart items in order to upsell with impact. Integrate with social media to share Shoppable Instagrams and email out the suggested lookbooks to customers after every appointment.

The Fitting Room of the Future

Level-up the fitting room experience to maximize sales. With fitting room technology, associates can easily keep track of fitting room items and assist customers on request. Get notified any time a new size or colour is requested and integrate with mPOS to allow checkout straight from the fitting room.

point of sale software paired with wireless Receipt Printer for Footer and Apparel Brands

The Best-in-Class Ecosystem

The retail ecosystem for the Modern POS brings renown partners together to offer full flexibility to brands and retailers in delivering the best-in-class in-store experience for sales associates and customers. Integration with trusted payment partners allows customers to quickly and conveniently transact. Our payment partners include Verifone, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square, Adyen, Vantiv (Worldpay), and CyberSource (Visa), to name a few.

PredictSpring POS Partners

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