The Modern POS Designed
for Watches & Jewelry

Deliver Unforgettable Experiences For Every Customer

For watches and jewelry retailers, in-store experiences should be as special as the items being sold. Customers will often go through months of research before coming to retailers with specific requirements ranking from size and colour to the stone cut. In an age where customers have high expectations, it’s up to retailers to provide unforgettable experiences to win them over.

The PredictSpring Modern POS empowers watch and jewelry stores with tools they need to meet every challenge. Establish complete transparency over store operations, from sales to cleaning to repairs with an all-in-one platform built for modern retailers.

POS - Point of sale software for Furniture Brands and Retailer by PredictSpring
Home Furnishing software by PredictSpring

Visibility Over Your Entire Inventory

Track inventory movements across channels. Improve efficiency by giving associates access to all inventory information, all through a single platform. Reduce missed sales due to out of stocks with on the spot inventory checks and programmable reorder notifications, ensuring you always have what your customer asks for. Gain complete transparency and control by simplifying cycle counts and inventory receiving to streamline all restocks and returns.

Personalize with Clienteling

Personalize your service with powerful clienteling features. Leverage purchase histories, wishlists and browsing information to build 360 customer profiles. Learn more with every interaction, whether in store or online, and tailor your recommendations and consultations to match their exact preferences. Notes from one on one consultations are accessible with each relevant customer profile, enabling every associate to provide a personalized experience.

Build Lifetime Loyalty

Keep customers coming back to you for every special event. Nurture lifetime loyalty with tiered programmes offering points, exclusive perks and rewards for members and returning customers. Bridge the divide between online and offline by letting customers earn points with every purchase, no matter which channel it was made on.

Simplify Multi-Tender Payments

Meet the needs of every customer by letting them use their choice of payment method, including any combination of cash, credit, debit, mobile payments or gift card. Cut down long lines by enabling associates to process sales from anywhere in the store, keeping transactions fast and frictionless.

Furniture store point of sale software
POS - point of sale software for Home Furnishing Brands and Retailers

Offer Flexibility with Deposits & Layaways

Maximize sales by providing customers with convenience and flexibility, particularly on high-ticket items. Deposit and layaway modules let customers reserve items with a minimum deposit and pay the outstanding amount off in regular installments. The modern POS ensures all payments can be tracked and processed in real-time, so everyone is kept up to date.

Customized & Bespoke Order Creations

Easily create brand new SKUs and manually input them for all custom and special orders. Every detail of the order can be viewed, tracked and managed through the POS platform, enabling associates to see which components are needed to finish the customization. Cross-check with on-hand and warehouse inventory to fulfil orders as fast as possible.

Extend your Service with Warranties

The modern POS makes add-ons and warranties easier to manage. Give your customers extra peace of mind and build long-lasting trust by offering extended warranties on every purchase. Seamlessly add warranty protection onto orders, store associates can then access, view and update warranty details through any device.

Seamlessly Manage All of Your Store’s Services

Centralize every aspect of store operations onto a single platform. The all-in-one POS enables watch and jewelry retailers to deliver best-in-class service across their whole business - whether selling, appraising or offering repairs and cleaning services. Manage payments, establish a clear overview of inventory and offer highly-personalized experiences for every customer who enters the store.

POS - Point of sale software for Furniture Brands and Retailer by PredictSpring

The Best-in-Class Ecosystem

The retail ecosystem for the Modern POS brings renown partners together to offer full flexibility to brands and retailers in delivering the best-in-class in-store experience for sales associates and customers. Integration with trusted payment partners allows customers to quickly and conveniently transact. Our payment partners include Verifone, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square, Adyen, Vantiv (Worldpay), and CyberSource (Visa), to name a few.

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