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PredictSpring Endless Aisle iPad App for Brands and Retailers

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

PredictSpring has partnered with Salesforce Service Cloud (SFSC) to transform customer experiences. Even as e-commerce grows, customers still crave the one-to-one dynamic and support of in-store consultations. With the Modern POS and Salesforce, associates are empowered to create more personalized interactions, engage customers and establish customer relationships that last.

The PredictSpring Modern POS seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud via the REST API, giving retailers best-in-class tools to maximize customer experiences. With this integration, retailers can leverage a suite of features that will bring CRM capabilities to the next level, including for the following use cases:

Search Customer/Account
Fetch Customer Profiles
Sign up new Customers
Update Customer profiles
Fetch Notes
Create New Notes
Update or Delete Notes

Easy Customer Creation

Simplify new account and profile creation, starting every new customer relationship the way it means to go on. With SFSC the sign-up process is more efficient, helping retail associates collect customer details and start building out profiles even sooner. Once created, accounts and profiles are securely stored but easily managed through any light device.

Build Enriched Profiles

Associates can learn more with every interaction and add to profiles with updated notes on customer preferences. Salesforce Service Cloud integrations allows all consulting associates to create notes for any customer profile. Use consultations and personalization quizzes to create notes on likes, dislikes, size, color and style. Attach them to profiles to build out a 360-degree view of customers and elevate your service by delivering experiences that are tailored to their needs

Faster Customer Lookup

Add more value to each interaction by leveraging customer profiles and drive revenue and upsell opportunities. SFSC provides a single source of truth for customer information, powering highly-personalized interactions between associates and customers. Omni channel customer insights are centralized for faster customer lookup, making it easier for associates to refer to customer preferences and notes from past interactions.

PredictSpring Endless Aisle iPad App for Brands and Retailers
PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Always Up-To-Date Customer Information

Providing a unified view of customer information, order status, purchase history and preference notes, Salesforce Service Cloud helps associates keep on top of customer requirements. View, update or even delete customer profiles to ensure all information is always up to date. Benefit from omni channel insights, ensuring any changes on a single channel are updated across the entire profile.

See The Impact

Leverage Salesforce Service Cloud to offer experience-driven retail that stands out from the competition, and watch as loyalty and sales increase. Track store sales, associate performance and order values and see them grow as you forge more meaningful relationships with customers.

POS - point of sale software with Offline Mode for Brands and Retailers by PredictSpring
WWD - Quote ByMatshiro Kashiwagi, Chief Digital Officer, TSI Holdings - Not only is PredictSpring platform fast and robust, but it caters to the specific needs of the Japanese market.California Apparel News - Quote By Eugene Lai, Director of Digital, PacSun - Since partnering with PredictSpring, PacSun has increased app revenue by 45.8 percent.

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