PredictSpring and
Salesforce Order Management

Faster & Flexible Omni Channel Order Management

PredictSpring has partnered with Salesforce to deliver lightning fast and flexible order management. A Modern POS integrated with Salesforce Order Management empowers retailers with easier transaction flows for in-store, endless aisle or mixed cart ordering. Salesforce OMS also ensures a seamless experience for omni channel orders with simplified BOPIS fulfilment, cross channel returns and exchanges as well as ship-to-store capabilities.

Leveraging the PredictSpring Salesforce OMS adapter unlocks a new level for order fulfilment, allowing stores to fulfil orders from anywhere and provide modern retail solutions that meet customers’ evolving expectations.

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Smarter Solutions

Every order is intelligently managed, whether initiated online or in-store. Salesforce Order Management gives retailers full visibility for every order purchased or fulfilled through the PredictSpring Modern POS. Organize all customer order information, fulfillment options, payments and invoices on to a single platform and benefit from real-time order tracking. This enables retailers to orchestrate faster delivery options as well as pain-free in-store fulfillment solutions.

Endless Aisle & Mixed Cart

Salesforce OMS supports PredictSpring Endless Aisle and mixed cart modules. This means associates can tap into the online inventory and place orders on behalf of customers even when the items are unavailable in-store. Customers are not limited to one channel at a time. Instead, the entire catalog of online and store level inventory is available, with customers able to order across channels through a single swift transaction.

BOPIS & Curbside Pickup

Offer convenience with multi channel order fulfilment. With Salesforce OMS integration, the Modern POS simplifies end-to-end management for all BOPIS and BORIS orders. Stores are instantly notified when a new BOPIS or curbside pickup order is placed with all relevant order information available for associates to review, allowing for a more efficient pick and pack process.

Ship To and From Store

Turn stores into warehouses to make order fulfillment more efficient with ship-to-store and ship-from-store. BOSS and BOFS modules integrated with Salesforce Order Management gives an even clearer view of order progress.

When a customer places an order online, it can be picked, packed and shipped to customers directly from store-level inventory. Alternatively, stores can fulfil orders even faster by tapping into local warehouse or distribution center inventory and ship to store for customer collection.

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Inventory Management

Access, view and manage inventory across all order channels, all through a single platform. Real-time inventory data makes omni channel order fulfillment even easier with up-to-date inventory receiving and RFID features helping inventory logs remain accurate. Gain an overview of company-wide inventory levels to simplify adjustments and inventory transfers. Get the right inventory to the right place at the right time and optimize for speed as well as cost.

Omni Channel Return & Exchange

Make returns and exchanges swift and painless. Integrated OMS features and improved inventory visibility means associates can process returns even faster, regardless of where the sale was made.

Associates can perform BORIS returns with zero hassle as well as regular returns and  exchanges without switching systems. Real-time analytics then feedback how many orders were picked, packed, returned or collected for easy reporting at the end of each day.

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