The Modern POS
Promotion Engine

PredictSpring Endless Aisle iPad App for Brands and Retailers

Simplify Promotion Management

With third-party loyalty and promotions integrations, the PredictSpring Modern POS offers retailers a frictionless approach to omnichannel promotions and discount management, providing brands with another way to incentivize sales and keep customers returning.

The promotion engine allows retailers to apply promotions across store locations and tailor offers to specific customers or products from one centralized point-of-sale platform. Build loyalty from the moment of purchase by managing coupons, BOGO deals, SKU-specific promotions, bundles, and more, all while maintaining a seamless experience for customers.

Promotions at the Cart Level

See sales and loyalty grow by applying promotions to the shopping cart. Customers can see if and how they qualify for promotional offers before going to the checkout, improving sales rates and average order values. Cart-level promotions can be set up and personalized according to customer segment, product category, or order size and can be applied across multiple items and channels.

Coupons and Loyalty Discounts

With loyalty and rewards features, customers can use their loyalty cards or coupons to receive promotional discounts at the checkout. Either use the ID or barcode to identify the loyalty member or promotion type and redeem these to the valid amount.

Create Complex Campaigns With Ease

Maximize customer engagement by creating promotional offers that are relevant to them. Through the Modern POS, retailers can design tailored promotional campaigns that run permanently, for a specific time period, or only apply in certain locations. The PredictSpring Modern POS supports the following promotions use cases:

Product or Location-Specific

Use different pricing levels for a variety of products or product categories; either set them manually or have them automatically calculated as a percentage of retail price. It’s also possible to improve margins and maximize revenue in lower traffic areas by adjusting prices and running promotions in specific locations.


Maximize the sale of slow-moving inventory by applying discounts based on item color or size by setting price levels based on the item SKU.

Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)

Set up buy one, get one free promotions (or other quantity-based discounts) at the individual item level, or to the whole department. The Modern POS makes it easy to outline the specifics of the offer and define which items or quantity applies - and for how long.


Through the Modern POS, retailers can build out promotional bundles that qualify for pricing discounts. Select which items are included, set the necessary quantity (and SKU if this is applicable), and then assign a single price to this bundle. Once all bundle items have been added to a cart, the promotional price will be shown.

Limited time sales events

When running flash sale events, retailers can set up a limited time frame on their Modern POS - after which, discounts and offers no longer apply. Define the event start date and end date, after which prices will rollback to their original retail level. Sales can be set up separately based on item type, category, location, SKU or other criteria.

PredictSpring Endless Aisle iPad App for Brands and Retailers
PredictSpring Endless Aisle iPad App for Brands and Retailers

Offline Promotions

The PredictSpring Modern POS platform boasts robust support for its offline promotions. We offer a comprehensive set of offline promotions that businesses can leverage to achieve these objectives.  The result is a more engaging and rewarding shopping experience for customers, increased sales, and a stronger brand presence in the market. The type of promotions supported offline are Amount Off, Percentage Off, Free Samples, Fixed Price, Private Sale, BOGO, and Buy X for Y (BXGY). By offering support for these diverse offline promotions, PredictSpring empowers businesses to tailor their marketing strategies to specific customer segments and situations.

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