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With The Modern POS

Drive Lasting Loyalty With PredictSpring

The PredictSpring Modern POS partners with Loyalty platforms such as Clutch, Epsilon and more to provide a seamless in-store experience for loyalty related features.

Through these third-party integrations, the Modern POS offers full functionality for omni channel loyalty and rewards, empowering retailers to create experiences that keep customers coming back.

Leverage fast membership registration and tiered rewards programs to incentivize repeat purchases. Meanwhile, customers can easily activate loyalty cards and gain points that are redeemable both online and in-store. PredictSpring helps retailers build-up loyalty directly from the point of sale with seamless management of memberships, points and rewards all from a single platform.

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Membership Registration

Turn every store visitor into a repeat customer. The Modern POS makes it easier and faster to enroll shoppers into loyalty programs at checkout. Associates can create and add member accounts, view and manage loyalty points and easily amend membership details all from one central place, without having to leave the POS.

Self-Service Loyalty Activation

Faster activation for more immediate rewards. Customers no longer need a store associate to start benefiting from loyalty points. The PredictSpring Modern POS empowers customers with self-service features, letting them sign-up and activate a new loyalty card on any in-store device.

Tiered Loyalty Programs

Keep customers returning to the store with points and rewards for repeat purchases. Create a tiered rewards system with exclusive perks for long-term customers, members and VIPs. Set up one-time promotions for customer birthdays and special events, and manage it all from the Modern POS.

Use customer profiles to gain insight into buying preferences, and create rewards that are tailored to customers. Make sure every customer has an incentive to return, and allow store associates to upsell with more impact.

Offer Points With Every Purchase

The Modern POS simplifies the earning of loyalty points, offering customers more reasons to come back. Store associates just need to scan the digital loyalty card at checkout, letting customers gain points with each of their purchases or redeem points for special offers and discounts.

Redeem Loyalty Points Across Channels

Let customers gain and redeem points, not matter which channel they purchase through. PredictSpring helps retailer build truly omni channel experiences, allowing customers to earn points through online purchases to redeem in-store and vice versa. Loyalty points are viewable at any time, so customers can see exactly how much they have to redeem.

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