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PredictSpring Modern POS Offline Mode

Trading Never Stops with a Modern POS in Offline Mode

Retailers looking to replace a legacy point of sale with a modern mobile point of sale may fear that the loss of connectivity would result in lost sales. PredictSpring has built a robust Modern POS to support retail trade and continue business as usual during downtime or intermittent connectivity. Offline mode ensures retailers save sales by accepting orders, creating customer accounts, and taking payments stress-free despite network issues.

Success Metrics for Brands and Retailers

Continue to Trade and Place Orders While Offline
Saved Revenue While Offline
Continue to Sign-Up New Customers While Offline
Maintain Store Associate Productivity While Offline
Ensure Customer Expectations Are Met While Offline
Customers Can Continue to Accumulate Loyalty Points While Offline

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

No More Network Crisis

Losing network connectivity is a stressful experience for store associates. The Modern POS automatically detects the loss of connectivity and switches to Offline Mode. The store associate is instantly alerted of the change, and their POS device will automatically revert back to online mode when connectivity is restored. Store associate productivity will not be compromised as trade continues business as usual.

Keep Trading, Exchanging, and Refunding

Customers won’t notice any difference as retailers will still be able to take orders, perform exchanges and refund orders. Printed receipts will be provided to customers and email receipts will follow once connectivity returns. Associates will still be able to accept cash and credit cards as tender types and retailers will have the ability to set a maximum order amount on card payments when offline.

Endless Aisle, Even Offline

Omni channel should not stop with the Internet. Associates can look up a product and using the last available web-inventory data, place the order on behalf of the customer with and without network connectivity. This feature is unique to PredictSpring Modern POS and empowers retailers to continue to tap into online inventories, even when offline.

PredictSpring Modern POS Offline Mode
PredictSpring Modern POS Offline Mode

Report on Saved Sales

On average, POS downtime cost retailers thousands of dollars per minute. With offline mode, there is no cost, only saved sales. Access offline performance metrics per device and measure the true impact of a Modern POS on the overall business sales.

Offline Security and Compliance

In an offline scenario, PredictSpring securely stores user and customer data locally on the device. All data is encrypted in compliance with SOX and PCI regulations.

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Collect Product Feedback

Capture customer feedback on the items tried on and leverage these actionable insights to share with product and design team for future collections.

Increase Store Visits

Facilitate future store visits by booking appointments on behalf of customers - share new looks and appointment reminders via e-mail.

PredictSpring Modern POS Offline Mode
PredictSpring Modern POS Offline Mode

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