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PredictSpring Modern POS Offline Mode

Trading Never Stops with a Modern Point-of-Sale System in Offline Mode

Customers expect seamless transactions, fast checkouts, and real-time access to product information, which previously were all contingent on a strong and consistent internet connection. The fragility of this dependence on Wi-Fi meant that retailers faced the risk of not being able to serve their customers effectively during network outages or in locations with poor connectivity.

Elevating Customer Experience with Uninterrupted Service

PredictSpring's Modern POS has rewritten this narrative by introducing a groundbreaking feature, Offline Mode – the ability to operate without a constant Wi-Fi connection. This innovation allows retailers to continue offering exceptional shopping experiences under a wide range of circumstances. Whether they are facing a sudden loss of internet connectivity, operating in remote or outdoor locations, or dealing with peak shopping seasons that strain the network, the PredictSpring Modern POS platform remains unfazed.

Success Metrics for Brands and Retailers

Facilitate uninterrupted trade and order placement in offline mode
Safeguard revenue and sales potential during offline periods
Enable seamless new customer sign-ups, even in the absence of network connectivity
Sustain Store Associate Efficiency in Offline Mode
Meeting Customer Expectations Without Connectivity
Allow customers to accumulate loyalty points without interruption

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

No More Network Crisis

Offline mode in retail greatly eases the burden on store associates by providing a robust fallback option in the face of network disruptions. This feature allows seamless transaction processing, enabling sales, returns, and exchanges even without constant network access. Associates can confidently assist customers at the checkout, avoiding the stress associated with potential payment hiccups. Furthermore, offline mode grants access to critical product data, pricing, and inventory information, even when internet connectivity is unavailable. This ensures that associates can provide accurate, up-to-date information to customers, reducing anxiety stemming from data unavailability.

Keep Trading, Exchanging, and Refunding

Customers won’t notice any difference as retailers will still be able to take orders, perform exchanges and refund orders. Printed receipts will be provided to customers and email receipts will follow once connectivity returns. Associates will still be able to accept cash and credit cards as tender types and retailers will have the ability to set a maximum order amount on card payments when offline.

Endless Aisle, Even Offline

Omni-channel should not stop with the Internet. Associates can look up a product and using the last available web-inventory data, place the order on behalf of the customer with and without network connectivity. This feature is unique to PredictSpring Modern POS and empowers retailers to continue to tap into online inventories, even when offline.

PredictSpring Modern POS Offline Mode
PredictSpring Modern POS Offline Mode

Support for Multiple Payment Methods in Offline Mode

Offline mode supports various payment methods, including cash, and credit card transactions. Retailers can also set a maximum order amount for card payments when offline, ensuring business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Offline Security and Compliance

In an offline scenario, PredictSpring securely stores user and customer data locally on the device. All data is encrypted in compliance with SOX and PCI regulations.

Offline Promotions

The PredictSpring Modern POS platform boasts robust support for its offline promotions. We offer a comprehensive set of offline promotions that businesses can leverage to achieve these objectives.  The result is a more engaging and rewarding shopping experience for customers, increased sales, and a stronger brand presence in the market. The type of promotions supported offline are Amount Off, Percentage Off, Free Samples, Fixed Price, Private Sale, BOGO, and Buy X for Y (BXGY). By offering support for these diverse offline promotions, PredictSpring empowers businesses to tailor their marketing strategies to specific customer segments and situations.


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