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The Modern POS Solution for Stores

PredictSpring, in collaboration with Verifone, is revolutionizing the checkout process by offering seamless and frictionless payment experiences. This partnership ensures that Verifone's cutting-edge payment technology perfectly complements the PredictSpring Modern POS, providing quick, adaptable, and secure payment options for top retailers and brands. Clients have the flexibility to implement the Modern POS system as either a stationary checkout point or as a fully mobile POS (mPOS) device, enabling transactions to be conducted smoothly at any location and time.

Seamless Integration with Verifone for Enhanced Security and Efficiency

PredictSpring has developed a solid and safe connection with Verifone by utilizing its advanced API, which allows for the provision of a payment system that is not only swift and flexible but also scalable and secure. Through Verifone's devices, payments are processed securely, with all payment authorizations being tokenized to guarantee the safety of each transaction.

Verifone & PredictSpring Power Your Store mPOS
PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Accelerating Retail Transformation with Verifone and PredictSpring

With the combined strengths of PredictSpring and Verifone, global brands can now launch a modern, efficient POS system at unprecedented speeds. Retailers and brands can become operational with the PredictSpring platform within just 12 weeks, addressing a variety of needs including Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS), personalized customer engagement (clienteling), and the ability to offer an endless aisle shopping experience. All these features are enhanced by the seamless payment processing capabilities provided by Verifone.

Advantages of the Verifone Reader

Connectivity Options: Supports both WIFI and Bluetooth, ensuring versatile connectivity.
Extended Battery Life: Designed for long-lasting performance, eliminating frequent recharging.
Elegant Design: Features a sleek, durable glass display that combines aesthetics with functionality.
High-Performance Processing: Equipped with a powerful processor for efficient transaction handling.
Portability: The reader is lightweight and portable, facilitating easy movement and usage.
Versatile Payment Acceptance: Capable of accepting a wide range of payment methods including Tap-To-Pay, Apple Pay, and other contactless payment options.

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