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PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Faster Payments, Better Customer Satisfaction

There is tremendous value in giving consumer options when it comes to in-store checkout. PredictSpring Modern POS can be deployed as counter top fixed pos, mPOS or as self service.  Self-checkout is expected to more than triple in size within the next decade, helping to cut down lines and wait times, reducing abandoned sales and offering customers an enhanced level of convenience and flexibility.

With hardware partner Aila, PredictSpring empowers customers to self-serve, lookup items, add to wish lists and carts, order products for delivery and checkout without having to go through an associate.

By seamlessly integrating with self-service kiosks, the PredictSpring Modern POS can improve the customer experience and streamline retail operations.

Cut Down Lines with One-Screen Checkout

Customers can now complete their entire transaction quickly and easily - all on a single screen. There’s no need for multiple pages. With a streamlined checkout process, retailers benefit from improved operational efficiency, leading to fewer lost sales.

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Product Lookups Made Easier

Customers can easily search for products by name, category, and other descriptives, and access product information without assistance from an associate. They can also leverage an endless aisle to browse and buy items that are out of stock, and then have them delivered or picked up later.

Multiple Payment Options

Self-checkout kiosks benefit from the same payment security and flexible payment options as an associate’s POS device. Through integrations with third-party payment partners like Adyen, Elavon, and Verifone, customers can check out with multiple payment options, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, and contactless cards as well as multiple global payment providers.

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers
PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Rewards Without Restrictions

The PredictSpring Modern POS simplifies omnichannel loyalty on the self-checkout. Customers can use self-service kiosks to register for omni-channel loyalty programs and start earning points. These kiosks can also be used by existing members to  view points, redeem them against purchases and check their own loyalty status before proceeding to checkout.

Save Time and Resources

When self-serving, the Modern POS ensures customers can still request associate help via the screen. But store associates can now focus on providing exceptional customer service rather than taking payments.

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