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PredictSpring Retail Store Order Fulfillment App for Store Associates

PredictSpring Store Fulfillment 

From brick-and-mortar stores, to e-commerce transactions, modern customers expect a seamless experience across every channel. 

To keep up with consumer expectations, associates need a retail fulfillment solution that allows every request to be completed, regardless of its origin. With PredictSpring Store Fulfillment, store associates are empowered to deliver a truly omni-channel retail experience. 

Retail Store Order
Fulfillment App

Level-up retail fulfillment capabilities and enhance the customer experience with the PredictSpring retail store order fulfillment app.  

A fast, powerful and intuitive solution, the retail store order fulfillment app enables store associates to address customer requests in real-time, oversee stock inventory and consistently deliver best-in-class service - all without having to leave the customer’s side. With the PredictSpring retail store fulfillment app, associates can seamlessly fulfill online orders when in-store - ensuring you never have to lose the sale. 

Fulfill Store Floor and Fitting Room Customer Requests

Complete customer and fitting room requests in real-time to maximize the customer experience. 

Paired with the Store Associate App, associates can request items on behalf of customers in real-time. With the Fitting Room App, associates can receive push notifications and fulfil item requests without customers having to ever leave the fitting room. 

Conveniently time orders and track performance on the store fulfillment app to enhance the customer experience and ensure commissions are awarded properly.

Pick and Pack
Online Orders In-Store

Effectively manage reserved items, in-store orders and BOPIS orders through the retail store fulfillment app. 

Through the app, associates can accept, partially accept or decline orders to maximize retail fulfillment. Use the device camera as a retail barcode scanner to keep track of accepted orders and use the store fulfillment app to track progress and monitor and report on prepared, dispatched and collected items to ensure everyone is kept in the loop. 

Omni-channel Inventory Management to Enhance Store Fulfillment 

Manage local inventory levels to assist with store floor replenishments, stock control, and order pickups.  Never lose a sale with Endless Aisle, tap into web-based inventory to place orders on behalf of customers. Deliver a true omni-channel retail experience with a touch of a button by transferring orders and customer requests to nearby stores.

PredictSpring Retail Store Order Fulfillment App for Store Associates

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