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PredictSpring Unveils AI powered Voice Assistant for it’s Modern POS product

Mountain View, CA – PredictSpring, a leader in omni-channel commerce and modern POS technology, today announced the launch of a groundbreaking voice assistant designed to revolutionize the in-store retail experience. As Modern POS systems have evolved into a complete operating system for stores with functionality ranging from checkout, returns, store fulfillment, clienteling, omni-channel and inventory management, so has the need for simplicity and ease of use. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the new voice assistant brings natural language capabilities to the forefront of the retail industry, allowing seamless interaction between store associates and POS systems.

Store associates and managers can now communicate with PredictSpring Modern POS in full natural language using voice based interactions. This intuitive new feature understands complex voice interactions, offering responses to requests like "Show me leather jackets,” "Lookup Amanda’s profile," "Add Notes to Admanda’s profile," or even operational commands such as "Start a cycle count,” "Close the till."

PredictSpring's Founder & CEO, Nitin Mangtani, commented on the launch, saying, "In a rapidly changing retail landscape, PredictSpring continues to lead innovation by integrating natural language capabilities and voice search into our POS systems. This new voice assistant is more than just a technological advancement; it's a step towards a fully interactive and conversational shopping experience."

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Natural Language Understanding: The voice assistant can interpret and respond to complex commands, offering a hands-free, voice-guided experience.
  • Enhanced Associate and Customer Engagement: Through targeted queries, associates can quickly find products, view profiles, or complete transactions, all via voice commands.
  • Speed and Operational Efficiency: Retail staff can operate the system effortlessly, speeding up processes and allowing more time for customer interaction.
  • Reduced training costs: Providing a natural language interface with voice commands reduces the training costs associated with on-boarding new employees in the stores. 
  • Customer Self service: Customers can now easily interact with the POS system when searching for a specific product or doing a self checkout. 

This revolutionary technology showcases PredictSpring's commitment to staying at the forefront of retail technology, offering tailored solutions that meet the demands of modern consumers.

The new AI powered voice assistant is available immediately to all PredictSpring Modern POS customers in the United States, UK, Australia and Canada and will be rolled out internationally in 20 additional countries in the coming months. 

About PredictSpring

PredictSpring is the leading omni-channel commerce platform in the retail POS market. PredictSpring Modern POS provides a seamless in-store experience for brands with support for full POS, mPOS, cash management, clienteling, endless aisle, inventory management and curbside pickup.

PredictSpring Modern POS connects the online and in-store customer journey and enables brands to engage with customers by offering fast and seamless omni-channel journeys. PredictSpring Content Management System (CMS), the leading no-coding commerce platform, enables retailers to create highly customized on-brand experiences along with in-store promotions and loyalty integrations.

Founded by the visionary behind Google Shopping, PredictSpring powers omni-channel experiences for the world’s leading brands and retailers, including Bouclair, Deciem, Movado, LoveSac, Steve Madden and Suitsupply. To learn more, visit

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