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Predictspring Modern POS Achieves EU Fiscal Compliance

PredictSpring Receives NF525 Certification from INFOCERT for France Fiscalization.

PredictSpring is proud to announce that the Modern POS platform has achieved fiscal compliance for POS software in European countries including France, Austria, Italy, and Germany. Specifically, PredictSpring Modern POS has received NF525 certification from INFOCERT,  a major certification authority in Europe, to comply with French fiscalization laws. The certification enables retailers using PredictSpring’s platform who transact in France to show the tax authorities that they are compliant with French tax law.

PredictSpring Modern POS is available in 25+ countries globally including the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea.

“Achieving NF525 French fiscal certification is a real accomplishment as the requirements set forth by INFOCERT are quite rigorous,” explained PredictSpring  CEO and Founder Nitin Mangtani.
“Adding this important certification and compliance of fiscal laws in France, Germany, Austria and Italy offers our retail customers doing business in Europe a critical tool they need to comply with European fiscal laws. We continue to expand our Modern POS platform in Europe and globally with additional features to help brands and retailers grow their business and enhance the omni-channel experience.”
Consultant at INFOCERT said, “The requirements to become a certified software provider under the French fiscalization law are stringent, and in my experience, only half of companies are successful in their first attempt.  However, PredictSpring’s high quality Modern POS software and detailed supporting documentation in French ensured their successful accreditation.”

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