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PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Microservices Architecture

The PredictSpring Modern POS runs on a microservice architecture, giving retailers greater flexibility. Merchants can deploy, update, change, scale and even rollback applications without impacting the functionality of the rest of the system. This ensures the tech stacks can be tailored around the needs of the customer base and provides resilience against downtime.

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Enhance your offerings with ready-made integrations. The PredictSpring Modern POS supports out-of-the-box integrations with several third-party platforms and payment providers including Salesforce, NetSuite, Avalara, GiveX, SVS, Clutch, Adyen, Verifone and Elavon among others.

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

API-First Approach to Headless Commerce

PredictSpring’s API architecture allows merchants to implement around their own custom integrations to their backend systems when requirements extend beyond existing connectors supported by PredictSpring, and without affecting the frontend. In these cases, customers will write a custom connector to the PredictSpring backend systems and will hook into the provided APIs to complete the POS integration.


The REST API provides retailers with webhook functionality, allowing the point of sale system to receive direct notifications as soon as a specified event occurs. Webhook events can be subscribed to on set-up and can originate from the Modern POS platform, or the API endpoint. Events can include; inventory alerts, high-value sales, delivery updates and more.

SPI Architecture

With SPIs, applications become even more flexible by enabling extended capabilities from third-party platforms.

How it works:

  1. Outbound API calls made from the PredictSpring cloud that expect a response from the customer system. This will alter the behavior of the transaction journey for an associate.
  2. On the Customer side The web server on the customer side listens to this API request and responds.
  3. The PredictSpring system receives a full JSON response that will be used to update the relevant cart or customer data.
PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers
PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

APIs and SPIs for Extensibility

An API based architecture is an essential foundation for a successful unified customer experience. We have simplified the path to delivering omni-channel experiences by exposing the business logic of our modern POS for components such as endless aisle, promotions, loyalty, clienteling, inventory availability, inventory operations, and order fulfillment through the microservice architecture as API and SPI end points. Allowing connectors to be created as independent pieces of code or through a middleware communication layer (ESB), quickly and easily to any other API based platform. API & SPI endpoint configuration and detailed logging is enabled directly via the admin console.

Many of our customers employ a middleware or ESB solution in their architecture to simplify integrations. We are ESB agnostic and are currently operating with Mulesoft, Jitterbit, Boomi, and Kafka.

Additional details on our API’s and SPI’s can be provided through our knowledge base and our API and SPI schema can be accessed through Swagger Hub at request.

Data Mapping

A Native Solution For Structured Data Files.

When a platform isn’t API based or a structured data file makes more sense to solve for the data use case. Our native ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool can be used to easily map the data from your master system to PredictSpring. This is a no code, “click & connect” tool that includes Regex data transformation capabilities. We back that up with a robust scheduling tool (2nd image) that can run as frequently as per minute, and you can sign up for alerts if a file fails to load or loads with errors.

Embedded UI Experiences

A Native Solution For Structured Data Files.

Embedded UI experiences refer to the integration of user interface (UI) elements or components within a larger software application or platform. These UI components are typically designed to perform specific functions or provide distinct features while seamlessly blending into the overall user experience. We can also integrate with external systems such as appointment booking through WebViews. These WebViews can be configured through our CMS. This is a loosely coupled UI integration where the associate can enjoy the experience of a single app while accessing an external system.

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Simplified Omni-Channel Experiences

Translate simpler integrations into better customer experiences. Leverage SPIs to enhance omnichannel capabilities and provide seamless transitions from channel to channel.

SPI features include:

Customer 360

Unify cross-channel data and build 360 customer profiles that can be viewed and managed from the PredictSpring Modern POS

Cart Management

Synchronize shopping carts and wishlists and enable customers or associates to manage this from whichever location they are in.

Order Management

Centralize order information on one platform. Benefit from easier transaction flows and more efficient fulfillment for in-store, endless aisle, mixed cart, BOPIS or curbside orders.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Offer a range of payment options to support a global customer base. Improve shipping experiences with flexible solutions such as providing estimated delivery dates and shipping costs.

Loyalty and Rewards

Loyalty and rewards points can be synchronized, activated and redeemed by customers on their channel of choice.

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