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POS - point of sale software with Offline Mode for Brands and Retailers by PredictSpring

NetSuite & PredictSpring

PredictSpring has partnered with the NetSuite to drive more engaging in-store experience. NetSuite ERP is a complete, scalable cloud solution targeted at fast-growing, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. It automates front and back office processes including financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, billing, and inventory management.

The Modern POS is Built for NetSuite

The PredictSpring Modern POS has ‘Built for NetSuite’ status, meeting NetSuite best practice standards. The Modern POS seamlessly integrates with NetSuite ERP and CRM to help connect online and in-store experiences. The partnership delivers enhanced omni channel capabilities by providing more visibility and control over order, inventory and customer information across any channel.

Order Management

Exceed rising customer expectations with enhanced order management capabilities. Easily integrate your existing commerce system and order management system to enable easier cross-channel purchasing, fulfillment, returns and exchanges.

With NetSuite’s omni channel inventory visibility, distributed order orchestration, order lifecycle dashboards and order monitoring retailers can provide the ideal customer experience every time. Customers and employees will get consistent answers and a seamless experience, with additional analytics allowing for better business management.

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers
PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Inventory Management

Focus on your supply chain and create opportunities to improve sales, deliveries and returns of your inventory. View all inventory across all channels, track transfers and receive purchase orders. Manage your suppliers and interact with vendors directly, letting you set clear KPIs to manage compliance.


Gain complete oversight of a customer’s journey across all channels and touchpoints. With an omni channel CRM perspective retailers can create a personalized service that drives customer loyalty - essential to giving your brand a competitive edge.


Efficiently manage finances with improved insight into the financial processes of your retail outlet. The Netsuite management system gives you support in core accounting needs as well as optimization suggestions for processes audits procure-to-pay and tax compliance.

Oracle NetSuite Platform Benefits

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Engaging omni channel experiences

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Secure, Integrated, Certified

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Intelligent Order Management

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Unlimited Expansion

PredictSpring Endless Aisle iPad App for Brands and Retailers

Revolutionize your Point Of Sale

Be empowered to make secure transactions from anywhere and accept all modern payment types including mobile wallets and contactless. This is alongside handling returns, refunds and BOPIS orders.

There is a huge versatility to the Modern POS that allows you to directly personalize a customer’s experience, utilize endless aisle, identify areas to upsell customers and provide unique customer rewards and exclusive loyalty offers.

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