Redefine the
In-Store Experience
Empower Retail Associates to Enhance the Customer Journey
Create a more personal experience and be in-the-know when you greet your customers. Get instant access to customer profiles and easily look-up purchase history.
Create a seamless checkout process from start to finish with mobile POS. Easily look-up preferred customer payment and shipment methods.
Endless Aisle
Empower store associates to browse and search complete product catalog - both online and in-store. Easily order on behalf of customers and view their online cart.
Self-Service Kiosk
Kiosk enables the in-store shopper to look-up item availability either with a barcode, product name or product ID. Consumers can also browse branded content, sign-up for loyalty programs, and seamlessly self-checkout.
Browse Online Catalog
Allow in-store customers to browse and search your online product catalog.
In-Store Real-Time Inventory
Customers can easily look-up item availability in real-time using item ID, barcode, or product name.
Boost your conversions with the unified mobile commerce platform