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PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

Take in-store experiences to the next level

Take in-store experiences to the next level with the modern point of sale technology that’s revolutionizing the way consumers shop. Ready to assist with everything from managing sales and returns, to informing sales assistants and facilitating seamless inventory management, this technology is rapidly expanding the potential of the home furnishings industry.

Store Fulfillment

Manage fulfilment in-store to provide customers with all the options they’re looking for. With our POS on board, your store assistants will be ready and waiting to fulfil orders in the ways that best suit your customers. And customers will thank you for it.

Curbside Pickup

Give customers the option of curbside pickup and make the collection process a breeze. The modern POS allows store assistants to facilitate this quick and easy collection method, whenever customers need it. With POS, assistants will know exactly when goods are due to be collected, so no customer will be left waiting. Orders will be ready to collect at the agreed time, and buyers can be on their way without ever having to get out of their vehicles.

Ship from Store

Ship goods direct from your store to provide customers with the fastest and most efficient delivery service. Make sure no stock goes unsold, by ensuring inventory management technology gives complete transparency on stock levels throughout your stores. Then use this information to ship goods to customers at the touch of a button.

Delivery Date Picker

Give your customers a choice of delivery dates and schedule on the spot. With the modern POS, associates can input delivery details and set up home deliveries in just a few touches, ensuring customers receive their orders at the right time.

Buy Online, Return in Store

Return processes for bulky, heavy home furnishings can sometimes be a cause of frustration for customers, but POS allows you to keep things simple. Enable customers to buy items online, safe in the knowledge that they can return any unwanted goods to their nearest store. This reassurance will boost sales as customers will feel empowered to try out new products, knowing they can return them with ease if they don’t suit.

Inventory management

Avoid the pitfalls of unsold inventory by keeping a careful eye on stock levels through your POS. Inventory management is simplified using this user-friendly, dynamic technology, so all team members can stay ahead of the curve. Keep an eye on stock levels for all product ranges, and analyse purchasing data in real time. That way, you’ll always have the stock you need, exactly where you need it.

Endless Aisle

Give customers access to the whole range of home furnishings on offer at your store, using cutting edge endless aisle technology. Let your customers wander the virtual aisles of your flagship store, perusing vast ranges of products until they find what they’re looking for. With modern POS, the shopping opportunities really are endless.

Smart Order Routing

Use data gathered through previous sales to learn from past successes, and make them a key part of your ongoing strategy. Smart order routing allows you to choose the best way of handling orders, to maximise profits for your business. Take advantage of the edge that this innovative idea provides to stay ahead of the competition.

PredictSpring mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for Brands and Retailers

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