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The Adyen All-in-One Payments Platform Built to Simplify and Accelerate Global Payments

PredictSpring has partnered with Adyen, the platform that enables retailers to accept payments with the PredictSpring Modern POS. Adyen enables our Modern POS to connect to card networks and payment methods across the world, while also adapting in real time to optimize every transaction. This modern infrastructure allows for a unified commerce experience while providing shopper data insights for retailers.

PredictSpring Leading Technology That Grows Your Revenue

Unlock new ways to optimize your business and grow revenue with PredictSpring and Adyen. The Adyen platform covers gateway, acquiring and risk so that you can make informed strategic decisions. According to the 2018 Forrester report by Adyen, some customers have reported a risk-adjusted ROI of 106%. 

The Adyen platform employs a complete set of tools that uses the same technology as the world’s leading brands to securely accept every payment online. PredictSpring’s robust integration with Adyen allows for accelerated global payments, helping you grow your business faster anywhere around the world.

The Next Shopping Experience

Create seamless payment experiences using leading technology that is flexible with any business, store, industry, or shopper journey. The Adyen platform is easily integrated into the PredictSpring modern POS system, allowing for a seamless, highly-converting, and secure checkout from anywhere in-store. 

Onboarding, moving funds, and user payout is made easier with PredictSpring and Adyen, allowing for a consistent shopping experience across all channels. Turn new customers into loyal customers with a unified commerce experience that works to improve the entire customer journey in-store, in-app, and online.

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Adyen Benefits

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Faster Revenue Growth

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Seamless Customer Payment Experiences

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Accept Popular Payment Methods Around the World

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In-Depth Shopping Data Insights

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Reduce Fraud and Risk

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