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SMCP Transforms Digital Store Experience

As Seen On BusinessWire - January 23, 2018

PredictSpring’s mobile commerce platform enables SMCP’s Maje Stores to bridge the online and offline customer experience with the new Maje store app

PARIS --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SMCP and PredictSpring are pleased to announce that they have launched a mobile store associate app to align online and offline retail, providing an elevated digital store experience. By working closely with PredictSpring and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the new app transforms the customer journey and is available at Maje, one of SMCP’s contemporary Parisian fashion brands with 60 retail locations equipped across France, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
“Stores play a critical role in SMCP’s direct-to-consumer strategy and through the partnership with PredictSpring, we have created a premium digital in-store experience for both the associate and the customer. Our store associates have been impressed with the app’s ease-of-use and functionality and have quickly adopted this new technology,” said Flavien d’Audiffret, SMCP Digital and CRM Director.Beatrice Goasglas, Digital and CRM Director for Maje, continued, “Store associates love using the e-Maje app to foster deeper customer connections. Through the app, the customer is taken on a journey where they can draw inspiration from branded content such as lookbooks and fashion trends. This, coupled with the store associate’s enhanced product knowledge, provides a more personalized shopping experience so the associate can better recommend and curate a collection specific to her lifestyle.”
Notable features of the Maje store associate app include:
Endless AisleIn one-click,store associates can check the availability of online inventory (store-to-web) and nearby stores (store-to-store), as well as arrange for shipment directly to the customer. This helps to propose an alternative in case of out-of-stock and to optimize inventory levels at smaller boutiques.
mPOSThe app offersa user-friendly checkout process that provides access to a customer’s preferred payment method to finalize store-to-web transactions.
Clienteling Store associates can access customer information and past online purchase history, and have the ability to see items added to a customer’s online cart.
Ability to Browse Branded Content – Customers can use the tablet device to browse branded content, e.g.: Lookbooks, Instagram posts, brand news etc.
“The modern store experience goes beyond the transaction, it’s about building a relationship with the customer and providing a concierge-driven experience. Equipping store associates with innovative tablet-based technology enables them to better serve and engage with the customer,” said Nitin Mangtani, Founder and CEO of PredictSpring.
The integration with PredictSpring and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, allowed for the go-to-market of the Maje store associate app.
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