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PredictSpring Expands Modern POS to Homefurnishings and Partners with HD Buttercup

A new partnership marks PredictSpring’s expansion and entry into the home furnishings category.

HD Buttercup, the iconic Los Angeles-based home furnishings retailer, today announced that they have selected PredictSpring to provide a mobile-first POS platform that includes a fast, highly customizable omnichannel solution for its stores.

“With complete visibility over inventory, powerful omnichannel capabilities and modules to streamline multi tender payments, layaways and deposits, the PredictSpring modern POS platform allows us to do just that. We are proud to be innovating the home furnishings industry so that our community can enjoy a sophisticated, modern customer experience”says Evan Cole, CEO at HD Buttercup.

The Modern POS for Home Furnishing offers best-in-class features designed to enhance the retail experience for modern consumers, including the following:

  • A mobile-first POS platform - allowing sales associates to get product information and transact anywhere at any time, regardless if the customer or associate is in the showroom, eliminates lines and increases sales.
  • Clienteling - create and access a rich profile of customer preferences, purchase histories, wish lists and loyalty status to ensure a personalized interaction with every customer.
  • Deposits and Layaway - allowing customers to secure their order with a minimum percentage deposit and then pay the remaining amount in instalments.
  • Financing - offering extended financing plans with easy credit checks and payment authorization.
  • Fulfilment & Delivery Date - providing a selection of delivery slots and pickup dates for home delivery.
  • Extended Warranty - simplifying adding extended warranties to purchases so associates can upgrade sales with ease.
  • Custom Orders - seamlessly create special orders and enter new SKUs on an intuitive interface.
  • Endless Aisle – by integrating in-store and online inventory, store associates can provide customers with access to a brand's full product offering and can place online orders on behalf of the customer if an item is not available in-store.
  • Inventory Management - PredictSpring’s inventory management technology offers support for inventory receiving, cycle counting, RFID, store transfers, inventory adjustments and real-time inventory visibility, helping retailers create an enhanced shopping experience both in-store and online.
  • Multi-tender Types - comprehensive support for multiple tenders including credit cards, cash, gift cards, deposits, layaway, reward cards, financing and checks.

With these features, PredictSpring seamlessly connects the online and in-store customer journey and enables home furnishing brands to engage with customers by offering highly personalized interactions and fast and efficient commerce transactions.

As our founder and CEO Nitin Mangtani says “Customers shopping for home furnishings want the tactile experience of a brick and mortar store and a seamless payments and delivery experience”. “Expanding PredictSpring’s capabilities to the home furnishings industry makes sense as customers are increasingly looking for more experience-driven interactions across all channels. We are thrilled that HD Buttercup has chosen to enhance their customer experience by integrating the PredictSpring Modern POS solution and look forward to working with them and other home furnishings retailers seeking to modernize their omnichannel shopping experience.”

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