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Why Mobile Is The Solution To An Omni Channel World

As Seen On Forbes

For a generation that’s come to demand an Uber-like experience for everyday tasks, today’s customer expects their journey from online to in-store to be seamless, fast and convenient. This concept of omni channel, or what was once called multi-channel, is not new, yet retailers have been struggling to catch up with this notion for 20 years.

I believe there are five key innovations that are driving omni channel commerce: 

  • Geo-fencing 
  • Barcode Scanning 
  • The Apple AAPL +0% Store Model 
  • Buy Online and Deliver Within Hours 
  • Clienteling

Ultimately, the more frictionless the transaction, the more likely a consumer will make a purchase. 

This isn’t the future—this is the now.

‍Interested in learning more? Read the full article and additional content from our founder and CEO Nitin Mangtani in his regularly featured articles on Forbes.

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