Deciem launches Modern POS globally in US, CA, EU and APAC

Who is Deciem?

Deciem, ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’, is the umbrella of good beauty brands who are changing the industry. Having started in 2013 with 1 product in 1 market, the innovative company has grown to own and operate over 10 individual beauty brands with over 50 products across 15 markets. Deciem builds its brands around simple principles - authenticity, individuality, high quality ingredients and, importantly, sensible prices that are accessible to a wide audience. Up-and-coming as well as leading brands under the Deciem umbrella include The Ordinary, NIOD, Hylamide and more.

From humble beginnings, Deciem now operates 45 stores across the world including in the US, Canada, Australia, China, the UK and the Netherlands.

What was the Issue?

Innovation within the beauty industry has changed the ways in which consumers choose to interact with brands. Subscription services and new technology has allowed customers to experience a new level of speed and convenience when it comes to stocking up on their favorite beauty products. Despite this, customers still crave the personal interactions of brick and mortar stores- but with a difference.

Modern customers now expect an even more engaging and personalized retail experience when they enter a physical store, while still benefiting from the same level of speed and convenience as they do online. For beauty brands like Deciem, this means adopting technology that caters to the needs of consumers and goes above and beyond the industry standard. Deciem recognized the benefits of a truly omnichannel strategy in elevating the customer experience, and knew they needed a new point-of-sale solution in order to do so.

What was the Solution?

Deciem looked to the PredictSpring modern POS platform in order to take its business to the next level. PredictSprings all-in-one POS is a uniquely modern solution for brands wanting to transform their store with easy payment management and order management features.

As a truly mobile-first platform, PredictSpring provides Deciem store associates with the ability to consult with customers, manage inventory and complete transactions on the go, leading to faster checkouts and shorter lines. With clienteling features, stores can get to know customers on a new level with access to wish lists as well as past purchases, giving associates the ability to offer uniquely tailored advice and recommendations, and provide a one-to-one experience for every person who walks through the door. Omnichannel capabilities were also a key feature for Deciem, with PredictSpring technology allowing the brand to transform their omnichannel business and unite the instore and online into one seamless experience.

What are the Results?

Since partnering with us, Deciem has already seen PredictSpring modern POS go live in the US, Canada, UK and Netherlands and, with an integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, end-to-end deployment was able to occur in just 12 weeks across these countries. With features supporting true omnichannel retailing, real-time order and inventory management as well as a range of clienteling features, the modern POS is now working in partnership with the Deciem brand to provide a next-level beauty store experience.

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