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2017 signified the global tipping point of mobile traffic share as it overtook desktop web. It is no surprise retailers and brands are placing mobile at the center of their digital efforts. While mobile traffic rises and technology advances, conversion rates can be improved even further by integrating AMP & PWA into the mobile commerce ecosystem to drive a 50% increase in mobile conversions.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP pages load 4x faster than traditional mobile websites. These pages can be fully customized and published in minutes using PredictSpring CMS and can be linked to Google, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook landing pages to name a few.
AMP pages load instantly and therefore, lead to higher conversions and increase time spent on site and drastically reduce bounce rates. This technology is an ideal fit for brands and retailers investing in digital marketing efforts to drive traffic to product or promotional landing pages.

PWA - Progressive Web Apps

PWA powers app-like experiences but for mobile web browsers. Shoppers coming from AMP pages unknowingly join the PWA experience from browsing to checkout, to order completion. Mobile web browsers on PWA can look up real-time inventory, access account and loyalty rewards, receive a personalized mobile experience based on their customer group or segment, receive push notifications, and checkout in one-click. The speed and seamless experience of PWA is unrivaled.

Micheal Kors App KORSVIP Powered By PredictSpring Mobile Commerce Platform

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