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The future of mobile commerce

2016 - The year of the mobile app

In the few years since the first smart phone launch, e-commerce has shifted from desktop to mobile in big ways. Not only are there more mobile devices in the world today, but the amount of time people spend on mobile exceeds the time spent on desktops.

Technology companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter are making it easier for consumers to discover and download mobile apps and are collectively driving toward building a universal "web of apps". With the advent of deep links, app indexing and app streaming consumers can launch mobile apps from email and mobile websites seamlessly and navigate from search to app and from app to app just as they do from webpage to webpage.  

With mobile payment becoming increasingly simple with one-touch payment and social "buy buttons", developing exceptional user experiences on mobile is more important than ever.  Companies at the forefront of these trends will be able to drive consumer engagement and conversions on mobile.

Latest retail trends – “buy it now” buttons

Fueled by the desire to engage users and provide more value to advertisers social and messenger networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google and WeChat have all announced the release of “Buy it now” buttons within their apps.  These buttons have the promise of greatly increasing conversions as the transaction requires only one-click rather than being forwarded to a webpage and asked to fill out forms to checkout.  

Insightful articles

Shopping Apps Are Now The Fastest Growing Thing In Mobile

“Turns out, ecommerce was the real mobile star of the past year. According to mobile analytics firm Flurry, shopping app usage grew faster than any other category of apps. Sessions on shopping apps on iOS and Android devices increased by 174% year-over-year, including 220% on Android alone. That’s up from 77% last year.”

With social media buy buttons taking off, retailers should dive in now

“It is likely that every social media app will include payment functionality since it will increase revenue opportunity through advertising, and potentially add value to the site by offering P2P payment capability to their users,”

The decline of the mobile web

“This is a worrisome trend for the web. Mobile is the future. What wins mobile, wins the Internet. Right now, apps are winning and the web is losing.Moreover, there are signs that it will only get worse.”

Zuckerberg's Biggest Mistake? ’BETTING ON HTML5’

"’The biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML5 as opposed to native.’ Now, Zuckerberg says, Facebook is focused on continuing to improve the native mobile experience.”

Retail Mobile App Users Visit Brick-and-Mortars More Often

“The benefits of providing branded retail mobile apps extend beyond the customer’s interaction with the app itself. With so many different ways to see a return on your mobile app investment – online purchases, in-store purchases, brand recognition, user retention, etc. – being able to track this is extremely valuable.”

Target exec predicts growth 2x industry average due to mobile innovation

“Target data predicts that by following a mobile-first strategy and working on technological services that make a consumer experience faster and easier will grow its business two to three times faster than the industry average.”

New, Simple ‘Buy’ Buttons Aim to Entice Mobile Shoppers

“We’ve seen that shopping behavior has shifted to mobile in a profound way, but there’s a gap between time spent and dollars spent, The logic for the companies working on the new buy buttons is that, in an increasingly mobile world, where people do less typing and more tapping, a more predictable checkout process will drive sales by reducing “friction,””

What Mobile Shopping Apps Are Most Popular With Millennials?

“Due to limitations in mobile web, many companies are seizing the opportunity by developing native mobile shopping apps. 1 in every 2 Millennials has downloaded a mobile shopping app”